The Coffee Agenda @ PMQ

Posted by Janet Li 09/04/2018 1 Comment(s) SANREMO HK Events,

Enjoy your Easter Coffee


(Source from: PMQ)


Is it a SANREMO coffee machines display show?


This Easter, we have experienced an extremely cool holiday. PMQ was hold a coffee event - The Coffee Agenda. It was invited some signature Hong Kong coffee shops and a Korean famous coffee shop. We have sponsored seven coffee machines and seven coffee grinders to this event.





A Fabulous Partner - SANREMO Coffee Machines & Grinders


Let's introduce which shining SANREMO coffee machines in the venue. They are Opera, Café Racer, Verona RS, ROMA, ZOE and Venezia LX. SANREMO is providing wide range of machines from practical function to more programable settings, which can fullfill customers' different expectations. For Coffee grinders, we have manual, or on demand version. Our signature grinder SR76 is the on demand with conical burr. It can provide fast and more accurate coffe grounds. It always keep cool like the grinder itself, the screen shows the temperature of machine and you can also set the dose by yourself.


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