Tong Chong Street Market

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Tong Chong Street Market 2017


(Photo credit: Swire)


Coffee Festival@Taikoo Place

The coffee culture is all around the corner in Hong Kong nowadays. People enjoying the coffee wherever in the office or coffee shop, at home or on the street, coffee always delighting your day, don't you?



Three smart SANREMO Coffee Machines

SANREMO HK is feeling cool to sponsor the coffee machine in this event. They are Opera, Café Racer and Verona RS.

Opera is a fabulous coffee machine. The CDS (Control Delivery System) gives barista precise control of the three extraction phase: pre-infusion, infusion and post-infusion. Barista can freely express your way to brew the coffee and save your extraction profiles in an App. So, each coffee can under your control.

Inside Common Ground's food truck, there is a Café Racer. They are selling coffee and snacks in the market. Café Racer is a helpful partner in the busy street market. Café Racer is one of the highest stability coffee machine.

For the overseas vendor, they are come from Tai Wan and Guangzhou respectively. They are enjoy to using Verona RS. They like it's outlook and performance. It is a user-friendly machine. Customers also praise on our machines are fashionable.



(Photo credit: Common Ground)

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